Decided to listen to the soundtrack for every season of Letterkenny. At least the playlist says so. It even says “Updated” so going to go with blind trust in the playlist’s name.

Letterkenny S1-10 Updated

I could probably be a bit more organized for this, now that I’ve decided to document it. Maybe I won’t document it, but hit the like button for songs that are good and eventually share my likes. If the song is an absolute banger, I’ll use the cute embed feature to put the song below.

Absolute Bangers

I want to listen to more Black Mountain, but I shall stay the course. Recalls my early days; specifically late night at Strictly blissed out into code listening to the Povi mp3s that I'd just ... acquired. TWO BANGERS BACK TO BACK! I'm not going to get anything else done today at this rate. Slaps on it's own but the scene it's from elevates it to a banger. Never liked that guy. Heavy Muse vibes on this sexy diddy.

Stopped at #141 on Monday, Sept 5, 2022