Blame Shrimptaur, or rather the artist behind Shrimptaur, for my newfound fascination with AI generated art. The entire concept of typing in a descriptive string into a regular ole form field only for an awe-inspiring masterpiece to appear on my screen?

Shut the front door. That’s the coolest shit ever.

Shrimptaur was my gateway to generating photo-realistic images with text input, and I needed more.

Obviously, I signed up for DALL-E access as soon as I put it together what this DALL-E thing did. Armed with new search words, I found treasure after treasure, satisfying my curiosity and slaking my desire for absurdities. Since May, I’ve enjoyed Shrimptaur’s expansion into the collective hive mind and casually checking for progress on the beta access.

I’ve spent the past few days annoying my friends and family with text prompted ML generated images with



You have DALL-E access, Tabatha?!


Stable Diffusion

One better, these fine folks made Stable Diffusion


Scratch that. MidJourney is open for beta. I am now a subscriber having already burned through my 25 lifetime credits.

How to use MidJourney

Prereqs: Discord account

Join the MJ Discord server Agree to their TOS In the channel listing, click on any of the newbie rooms. Type /imagine and hit enter after you see the word prompt display after the /imagine to type your descriptive text prompts

hit enter


m a g i c